Climate Change Real or Myth

I am writing a blog about climate change because this is a topic that deeply concerns me and the future of this planet. This is not an issue that we have years to discuss, we can’t sweep it under the carpet because we don’t want to deal with it right now. The planet needs us to take responsibility and make better choices. I hate moving from one home to another, I can’t imagine relocating to another planet because we ruined this one.

Over the years, I have read news stories going back and forth with the climate change issue. There is a disinformation campaign where some special interest groups whose goal is to raise doubts among the public and delay any action on human-caused climate change. Some scientists are convinced that humans are causing climate change. CBS News

So, where do we stand? Where do we get our information from to know which is real, and what should we do? Because either way, time is running out for things to stay the way that they are.


Some say that the climate has always changed and that the increase of flooding, earthquakes, melting of glaciers, sea levels rising, rise in wildfires has happened before and will happen again. Understanding these events happened but at a much slower rate (meanings over hundreds of years), not within a couple of decades.

Berkeley Earth



Others are concerned and want to begin making changes by becoming environmentally aware. How can this be done? Teaching climate literacy encourages people to change their attitudes and behaviors and help them adapt to climate change-related trends. Educating sustainable development and not relying on fossil energy. Learning a better way is beneficial, but is there enough time?

Others feel the whole subject is a conspiracy to undermine the world economy, forcing the change in which the world gathers our energy. Politics play a huge part in this matter. The massive amounts of money threaten the major corporations in first-world countries; they will have to spend to change their existing fossil fuel process to cleaner fuels.

The WBGH 2’s Beat the Press ran a story, How Fox News is helping to destroy the planet. The Democratic and Republican parties have their opinion on this climate change matter. The democratic party 89% believe human activity contributes a great deal to climate change. The Republican party believes human activity counts for climate change by 53%, and 45% believe climate change is a natural occurrence. 

As President Trump tweeted, we have our influencers and leaders who give their opinions and make bold statements about climate change.

In conclusion, we see both news stations views CBS showing both sides’ views but leaning toward human-caused and WGSB stating Fox News views that it’s a scare tactic and climate change is normal. The best way to find out the truth is to remove the money. If there is no cost involved, see what the answer would be. If we admit this is human-caused, and sustainable development was allowed, the current wealth would change hands. Making this the real fear of climate change, and that this is natural is the myth